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Gear Review: Shower Pass Smart Phone Case - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Shower Pass Smart Phone Case

--Product Information-- Shower Pass Smart Phone Product Name: Smart Phone Case Product Brand: Shower Pass --Test Information-- Location of Test: Scappoose Bay Duration: 2 days --Ratings-- Value Rating: 8 Durability Rating: 3 Overall Rating: 5 Full Review: This waterproof case is an admirable foray into waterproof tech cases by Shower Pass, although it is not the do all end all case for your waterproofing needs. A double seal system with neoprene outer and rubberized innards lends itself to a relatively form fitting case. This case will be a great accessory for the outdoor enthusiast who is worried about rainstorms, light submersions, and using their phone in wet environments. It is not a case for those who will be using their phones heavily on/in the water. The double seal system loses some integrity over time with continued opening and closing (like all cases in Shower Pass’s defense). The case is also susceptible to user error given your inability to see the seals themselves for 'idiot proofing.' The neoprene outer/ rubberized innards has some issues with vapor transfer. My case regularly 'reinflated' even after all air was pressed out and it was resealed. In conclusion, this case will serve those who are not actively using their phone in environments where multiple submersions are likely. It is a still a great case for the price, but just be careful where and when you use it. "The Good" List: Lightweight, low profile, easy to hold (semi non slip), and good touch screen interface. "The Not so Good List": Seals lose integrity over time and the case has vapor transfer issues (air DOES get in the case). The Bottom Line: Good case for cyclists, hikers, and low risk water sports. Not for the avid watersports user.
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