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Gear Review: Stohlquist Edge PFD - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Stohlquist Edge PFD

Stohlquist EDGE PFD Review The Full Review: Whether you paddle a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard you want to be as comfortable as possible yet safe at the same time. Over the weekend I had the chance to try out the Stohlquist EDGE PFD and let me tell you, it was comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, I nearly forgot I had a life jacket on! On my first day using the Stholquist Edge PFD I paddled in an Eddyline Sitka ST kayak and the second day I paddled on multiple PAU HANA paddleboards and was able to paddle with full arm motion. The EDGE PFD offers a simple pullover motion when putting it on, it’s almost like putting on a tank top. With a low-profile zipper and six adjustable straps the Stholquist Edge allows you to get that custom, yet safe, fit. You’ll feel the need to double-check that you’re still wearing a PFD! When you paddle in the EDGE standing or sitting the large arm openings allow you to maneuver any of the paddle strokes in your arsenal. Last but not least its front pocket is large enough to hold anything from a first aid kit to two cans of your favorite river drink. So, would I recommend the Stohlquist EDGE PFD? Does the Queen of England love corgis? The answer to both is a big fat YES! I would highly recommend this PFD to anyone looking for comfort and safety wrapped up one small package. Stohlquist EDGE PFD Review Stohlquist EDGE PFD Review
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