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Gear Review: Watershed Ocoee Waterproof Bag - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Watershed Ocoee Waterproof Bag

--Product Information--Ocoee Watershed Waterprook Duffel Bag Product Name: Ocoee Product Brand: Watershed Best Use: Keeping things dry. Sizes Available / Specs: Weight: 1 lb 7 oz Capacity: 900 CU. IN. (15 L) Dimensions: 9"H x 16"L x 8"W Opening Size: 13" Closure Type: ZipDry --Test Information-- Location of Test: United States Duration: 1 year/ongoing Full Review: I like to film a lot of kayaking in places where camera gear is not always so friendly to have. I need a bag that I know will protect all of my camera equipment and valuables even in the event of a swim. The Watershed Ocoee Drybag is just that. Not only does Watershed make the most durable bags on the market, but they are the most convenient and the most used dry bags by kayakers everywhere.
Watershed Ocoee Waterproof Duffel BagI have personally witnessed thousands of dollars in camera equipment float through class V rapids while inside a Watershed Ocoee bag and not only was the camera equipment totally free of damage, but not a single drop of water got inside of the bag.
These bags can be used for anything, but if you are planning on taking camera equipment inside of them, I highly recommend complimenting it with one of Watershed's padded liners just to give that extra protection and cushioning for your highly valuable and highly water intolerant equipment. BOOM! "The Good" List: This bag will keep anything dry 100% no questions asked even if you submerge it in water and kept it there for days to come. Fits in tight places such as below the deck of a kayak or under a boat seat. "The Not so Good List": The ZipDry seal can get dried out after heavy use which makes it harder to open/close the bag, but nothing a little 303 can't fix. Also, be careful on how you open the bag. There is a proper way to open the bag to avoid damage to the finger tabs. The Bottom Line: Watershed bags are of the highest quality and durability. I would trust nothing else with my valuables when out on the water!
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