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Gear Review: Westside Discs Sorcerer - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Westside Discs Sorcerer

--Product Information--Westside Discs Sorcerer
Product Name: Sorcerer
Product Brand: Westside Discs
Best Use: Fast Control Shots, and huge hyzer flips!

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Multiple disc golf courses
Duration: 1 Month

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review:

The Sorcerer is an easy-to-throw distance driver that can be thrown by players of all skill levels. The Sorcerer's flight ratings are 13/6/0/2, which implies at high speeds it will be pretty flippy, or have a tendency to go right to left (vice versa for left-handed throwers). At more controlled speeds, it will go straight or hold the line you want to throw it on with relative ease. This disc can satisfy the needs of throwers at all skill levels. For beginners, this disc can be thrown on whatever line you intend it to and it will hold that line for a very long time. It is a recommended distance driver for the beginner because of how easy it is to control and how easy it is to manipulate its flight.

For the disc golfer that is starting to finely tune their game, sometimes referred to as tweeners, this disc does many great things. It can first teach tweeners about the art of the hyzer flip, an easy-to-understand concept but a difficult-to-perform task. This discs long glide and easy turning abilities make this disc a great teacher in that fine art. For the more advanced players or pros, this disc is one of the best rolling drivers on the market. Due to the aforementioned glide of the disc, you can pump this disc a very long way, while maintaining its max speed before it touches down to earth and begins its rolling motion. I 100% recommend this to pros and advanced players alike. It's a great roller, and an excellent long distance hyzer flip disc with a reliable fading pattern. Come get yours at Next Adventure and give it a try!

"The Good" List: Easy for all skill levels alike to use. A great disc to teach new players the ropes of the game while also keeping up with the needs of the pros.

"The Not so Good List": Can get a little finicky in windy situations. Not a great forehand disc.

The Bottom Line: From rollers, to hyzer-flips, all the way to the basic fundamentals of throwing straight, this disc can do it all. Whether you are a top level pro or a new-to-the-sport casual, this disc will fill a need in your bag.

Westside Discs Sorcerer
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