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Free Shipping for Most Orders Over $49.95
Gear Review: Wild Country Friend Climbing Cams - Next Adventure

Gear Review: Wild Country Friend Climbing Cams

Value Rating: 10 Durability Rating: 10 Overall Rating: 10 Location of Test: Oregon Rock Duration of Test: 1 year Product Name: Friends Product Brand: Wild Country Best Use: Traditional Rock Climbing Wild Country Friend The Full Review: The Wild Country Friends are my go-to cam. For the price, I'd also say they are the best bang for your buck. My favorite feature on the Friends is the extendable sling. This really opens up a wide variety of lengths to mess with when extending your piece in the wall. I also am a big fan of the rounded and flexible thumb trigger. I feel like I can get a great grip when placing a friend into the wall. Another feature that is nice is the color-coded sizing they have. It makes it really simple to look down at my harness and find the cam I need. The price point was what drew me to these cams in the first place, but I like them better than other cams that I've paid more for. They are also pretty flexible for a cam that doesn't claim to be so. All in all, these are some of the better cams I've used and would consider getting doubles of them in a few sizes. They are for sure a good value. The Good: Extendable sling Durable Flexible Color coded The Bottom Line: The bottom line is the Wild Country Friends are a dependable cam at a killer price. The extendable sling really makes my trad climbs much simpler and more enjoyable.
Wild Country Friend Wild Country Friend
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