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Kayak fishing for Bass - Next Adventure

Kayak fishing for Bass

kayak fishing What can I say, the month of April and May was prime to target Bass. The weather has had its up and downs with the cold and rain. Putting these bass fish in a funky mood. But nonetheless, your boy Repo started to get into them. During these months on the water, I really lean on a Senko bite. Looking for pre-spawn fish, locating bass in the shallows in grass and wood piles. Lots of sight fishing looking for those cruising bass trying to pair up to do some of that natures magic. The best way I feel to catch bass on these Gary Yamamoto Senkos is to throw them weightless and Texas Rigged on a EWG hook. That way you can throw these bad boys anywhere and everywhere! Skipping them under trees, bombing casts to the wood piles and just fan casting them on a grass flat.

The water has started to warm up into the 70’s. So, chances are, you will see me in the kayak neck deep in a bush trying to flip that Senko as far to that back water. The untouched water that no one thinks they can get to. There is a saying and that is “high risk, high reward.” Seriousl, give it a try even if you have to break off because you get wrapped around a tree. Just retie and throw it back there again I promise you will find what you have been looking for.

It’s been one stellar of a month and next month we are close to that time of year where it’s starts to really heat up and it will be time to grind and do some power fishing to get some big bites! I’m talking flipping in to heavy cover, topwater blowup, and lots of sun screen!

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