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NRS Otter 150 Raft Review - Next Adventure

NRS Otter 150 Raft Review

The Versatile Raft for All Adventures

The NRS Otter 150 is the ultimate raft for versatile adventurers. Whether you're planning multi-day trips, guided day excursions, or thrilling whitewater rides with a stern frame, this raft has you covered. After extensive research, I chose the Otter 150 for its exceptional features and performance.

Hypalon Construction: Durability and Convenience

One of the standout features of the NRS Otter 150 is its Hypalon construction . Hypalon is a rubber-based material known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion and UV rays. Compared to PVC, Hypalon is a superior choice for long-term use.

Advantages of Hypalon:

  • Longevity : Hypalon lasts longer under various conditions.
  • Ease of Storage : Hypalon rafts are easier to roll and more compact when stored.
  • Reduced Wear : Unlike PVC, Hypalon does not crease in the same spots, reducing wear and tear over time.

Having previously owned a PVC raft, I noticed significant wear from repeated folding. Hypalon's supple nature prevents such issues, making it a worthwhile investment.

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Maximizing Gear Capacity

When selecting a raft, maximizing gear capacity is crucial. The Otter 150 excels in this area with its 94-inch flat area length on the tubes, allowing for an extensive frame setup. This feature is perfect for fitting a 94-inch long frame, providing ample space for various gear configurations.

Optimal Gear Organization:

  • Frame Bays : With a cockpit bay of around 25 inches, you can fit three additional bays of approximately 20 inches each.
  • Gear Storage : This setup accommodates a drop bag, a second dry box, or multiple rocket boxes for efficient gear organization.

This flat area length is ideal for keeping gear organized and preventing overcrowding in the raft's stern or bow.

Performance on the Water

The Otter 150 delivers impressive performance on the water. I have tested it on various rivers, including the Lochsa River in Idaho with a stern frame and the Rogue River in Oregon on a multi-day trip. To enhance its versatility, I added a third thwart, allowing for additional passengers during day trips.

Upcoming Adventures:

  • White Salmon River : Anticipating an exciting ride this spring.
  • Clackamas River : Looking forward to more adventures and helping others experience the thrill of rafting.
whitewater rapids with raft


The NRS Otter 150 is a highly versatile and durable raft suitable for various rafting activities. Its Hypalon construction ensures longevity and ease of storage, while its spacious design maximizes gear capacity. Whether you're a seasoned rafter or a beginner, the Otter 150 is a reliable choice for all your river adventures.

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