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Review of the Esquif Prospector 15 Canoe - Next Adventure

Review of the Esquif Prospector 15 Canoe

Exploring the Versatility of the Esquif Prospector 15 Canoe

Why Choose the Esquif Prospector 15 Canoe?

There are three different sizes to the Prospector (15, 16, and 17), so I’ll start with why I love the 15. The first is just how light it is. Coming in at 60lbs, the Prospector 15 is very easy to carry solo, by using the yoke on your shoulder, or you can carry it with two people. The weight makes loading and unloading very easy, and it also makes portaging on a river trip less of a hassle. The 15 is also quite versatile in that it will be great for both day trips and weekend trips. This canoe is also a bit easier to control in moving water and may be better suited on smaller rivers and creeks than the larger sizes. Another other reason I think the 15 is a great option is because it can be used by a solo paddler. 

The Esquif Prospector 15 canoe is a tried-and-true design known for its light weight, maneuverability, excellent tracking, and overall versatility. As is with all Esquif’s canoes, it is made in Canada with the highly regarded T-Formex material. This is the secret to making such a light canoe that can still take the abuse of expeditionary use.

two people in a canoe in rapids

There are some good reasons to move up to the 16 or 17, so give those models a look before you make your decision. What you’ll gain in one of the larger models will mostly be a greater carrying capacity for extended trips as well as increased tracking on calmer water.

I’ve mostly used the Prospector 15 in moving current, and I really enjoyed the feel of the hull. I found that cutting in and out of eddies the keel gave me the ability to fine tune my line and keep precise control. Compared to the Canyon model, I noticed the increased tracking right away. I could really see enjoying this canoe on a lake or slow-moving river. 

two people in canoe from the back in rapids

Overall, the versatility of the Prospector 15 is what makes it such a great option. It can paddle flat water, whitewater, creeks, rivers, and the like. It will easily accommodate two paddlers and a good amount of gear, yet it is also quite capable with an empty load and being paddled solo. With how light it is, you will be pulling this canoe off the rack way more frequently and hopefully spending more time on the water.

person in canoe from the back on water
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