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Staff Pick: Jetboil Flash Camp Stove - Next Adventure

Staff Pick: Jetboil Flash Camp Stove


I bought my first Jetboil cooking system in 2014 and, after 9 years (and a cumulative use of over 7,000 miles of backpacking with different Jetboil stoves) the Jetboil is still my preferred stove for all of my camping and backpacking needs. Because of the insulating cozy and flux ring, Jetboils are the most efficient stoves I’ve ever used, perfect for when you just want something hot after a long day outside- when I go camping with a group, I’m usually eating dinner by the time my friends have gotten their water boiling. Having tested a few different Jetboil products, the Flash is my preferred stove for all-around use. Unlike the MiniMo, the Jetboil Flash does not include a regulator, but even so, I have used this stove from sea level all the way up to 10,000 feet without issue; I prefer the Flash because of the larger pot size (perfect for cooking, eating, and drinking directly out of) and because of the convenience of the push-button igniter, which is still reliable even after years of use.

Though the Flash is larger than many other Isobutane stoves (the MSR Pocket Rocket or Jetboil’s MightyMo, for example), I love Jetboil's one-pot system that locks directly onto the stove. The whole stove (including the fuel canister) packs inside the pot for compact carrying, and at only 13 oz, the stove is light enough for backpacking without sacrificing thermal efficiency. I recommend the Jetboil Flash Camp Stove for anyone looking for an easy-to-use all-in-one stove system to add to their backpacking kit.

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