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The 12 Days of Yakmas - Gifts for the kayaker on your list! - Next Adventure

The 12 Days of Yakmas - Gifts for the kayaker on your list!

Are you one of the thousands of folks who struggle every holiday season as you try to figure out what to buy the paddler in your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As a long time paddling enthusiast, I know exactly the gifts that will get your kayaking consort super stoked. For the First Day of Yakmas Give them the gift of warm hands. Many of us paddling folk don’t put our gear away for the winter. Having a solid pair of pogies, mittens, or gloves suited specifically for paddling makes getting out in the cold much more fun. Next Adventure pogies for a whitewater boater, Kokatat Hand Jackets for a sea kayaker, and Level 6 Proton gloves for a recreational kayaker are all fantastic gifts! Next Adventure Pogies paddling gloves For the Second Day of Yakmas Drybags! Anyone who spends a lot of time on the water will tell you, we can never have enough dry bags! They come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities. Looking for a stocking stuffer? Grab a Wilderness Technology 1.5 liter dry bag to help them keep their phone, wallet, and keys dry. Want to get them the best? Grab them a Watershed Ocoee or Chattooga and blow their mind with your knowledge of high-quality dry bags! dry bags For the Third Day of Yakmas If you’re shopping for a whitewater fiend, it can be hard to find something that they don’t already have. You might have to dig deep to figure out something that they don’t realize they need. One of the most overlooked pieces of kit for a whitewater kayaker is a backup breakdown paddle. If they ever lose their paddle on the river, getting back to the takeout becomes an extremely daunting task. A breakdown paddle fits in the back of the kayak and makes it easy to get right back on the river. The Werner Surge 4 Piece paddle in our custom Freefall color is a unique and thoughtful gift that will be certain to bring out a big smile! custom Next Adventure paddles from Werner For the Fourth Day of Yakmas More warmth! Whitewater kayakers and sea kayakers alike typically wear helmets when they’re getting after it. While helmets do a ton for protecting your head, they don’t do as much for keeping it warm. A skull cap is a great gift that will keep the brain freeze at bay throughout the winter paddling season. Check out the Immersion Research Thermo Hood for maximum coziness. Paddling cap For the Fifth Day of Yakmas Need a mind-blowing stocking stuffer for a lady paddler? The GoGirl is an absolute game-changer. It can be a nuisance for ladies to relieve themselves while paddling in the winter. Sifting through their drysuit and base layers becomes quite the chore. The GoGirl is an extremely compact female urination device that makes the going less tough. I bought one of these for my partner a few years ago and I’m still convinced that it’s the most useful gift I’ve ever gotten her. Go Girl For the Sixth Day of Yakmas Got a four-legged friend that loves to join you on your paddling adventures? They probably already have a puppy PFD, but they are going to LOSE THEIR MIND when they see the Next Adventure Giant Tennis ball! This will keep them entertained while they’re stuck inside for the winter. Come to think of it, dogs, children, and adults alike all tend to get really stoked at this neon bouncing monstrosity. Next Adventure Giant Tennis Ball For the Seventh Day of Yakmas If you’re seeking the perfect gift for a kayak angler, look no further. A good fillet knife is always wanted. The Gerber Controller Fillet Knife is an absolutely stellar tool for processing fish and makes the dirty work exponentially easier. Plus, they’ll probably even give you a few fillets for getting them such an awesome gift! Gerber Controller Fillet Knife For the Eighth Day of Yakmas You were probably going to get them socks anyway, but here’s the deal: some socks just don’t work well with paddling. Our staff agrees, there is no better sock for cold water kayaking than Wigwam! Their slogan “My Favorite Pair,” has held true for me ever since I first received my first Wigwams as a gift years ago. Wigwam Socke For the Ninth Day of Yakmas Very few people know about the nightmare that is known as “Surfers Ear,” so here’s the breakdown. Consistent exposure to really cold water is bad for your ear canals and can lead to physical pain and hearing loss. If you know someone who is paddling in cold water a lot, give them the gift of saving their ears with a good pair of earplugs! Docs Pro Plugs are fitted specifically to different ear sizes and are the best plugs I’ve found for keeping water out. Ear plugs For the Tenth Day of Yakmas Driving home from a day on the water in wet clothes or sweaty base layers, well, it stinks. A while back my partner bought me a changing poncho as a holiday gift. It did more than just help me change my clothes, it changed my life! That may sound a bit much, but not only am I dry on the ride home; this thing is so comfy that I’ll keep it on when I get home. Lazy day? I’ll put it on first thing in the morning. Maybe it weirds people out when I go into a restaurant still wearing it, but if they knew the level of comfort I was on, I’m sure they’d understand. changing poncho For the Eleventh Day of Yakmas Much like drybags, a paddler can never have too many base layers! Staying warm and dry throughout the cold season can be a struggle, and many paddlers commonly find themselves out of clean base layers before they head out to hit the water. Merino wool is a great choice, because it can be used as a base layer for a day on the water, on the mountain, or just keeping comfy for a walk around town. I’ve had great luck with the Wilderness Technology Baselayer Shirt & Bottom. base layers For the Twelfth Day of Yakmas Did your favorite kayaker really knock it out of the park this year? Are they at the top of your nice list? Maybe just really too awesome for all this other stuff? Well, there is one final thing that no kayaker can ever have enough of: kayaks. Lots of awesome new models have come out this year, and the kayak market is full of things that are guaranteed to provide countless hours of fun on the water. whitewater kayaks Still can’t find the right gift? We can help! Give us a call at 503-233-0706, email us at, or message us on instagram @paddlenextadventure.
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