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TOP 6 Accessories For New Kayak Anglers - Next Adventure

TOP 6 Accessories For New Kayak Anglers

As you take on a new adventure, safety is the biggest priority in the outdoors. It is no different when it comes to kayak fishing. We get asked all the time, “what accessories do I need to get started in kayak fishing?”. Well, you’re in luck because today we will simplify that question with the top 6 kayak accessories for beginners!


The most important accessory to purchase is a QUALITY personal floatation device (PFD). As mentioned, safety is the biggest priority and even if you are a great swimmer or not, the water temperature or weather can impact your ability to swim regardless of skill level. We always recommend a traditional PFD that DOES NOT self-inflate due to the chances of a mechanical problem. Specific fishing PFD’s often have pockets to secure your phone, keys, and other belongings. The NRS Chinook is a popular option along with other models from NRS, Stohlquist, and Astral.

Personal floatation device


Whether you’re on a body of water alone or not, our kayaks are sitting very low on the water. Having a high visibility flag such as the YakAttack VISICarbon Pro or VISIFlag will serve two purposes. One, help you stand out on the water as you sit low in your seat. Especially when power boats on the water, it’s functional use is to be an indicator for those who are not aware of their surroundings. Two, this also serves as a source to locate a kayak if you were to be separated from it. The bright orange flag stands out in the environment and especially if your kayak color blends with the surrounding nature.

High visibility flag on fishing kayak


Having a simple safety whistle attached to your PFD can help create a louder noise to alert others in a time when needed. A small investment but can be lifesaving if an unforeseen circumstance arises.

safety whistle attached to a fishing PFD


When on the water, it is common to take your cell phone with you to either communicate or document your time on the water. However, accidents DO HAPPEN! Having a quality phone tether like the Robohawk Universal Phone Harness is a reassurance that you can stay attached to your phone, even if you don’t initially plan to on the water. Simply just attach it to your PFD and you will not have to worry about dropping it “into the drink”.

cell phone tether


Nobody wants to start their morning with wet feet. Often times, we are required to walk into the water to launch our kayaks from shore. The NRS Boundary Boots is a fan favorite among kayakers. It’s waterproof and comfy to make your experience on the water that much better. The textured sole and knee-high design will allow you to tackle the terrain of your choice.

waterproof boots


The weather may be warm, but that doesn’t mean the water temperature is. You don’t necessarily have to wait for warmer water temperatures to get out on the water. We always try to recommend a good dry or semi-dry suit when temperatures are cold. As a rule of thumb, we apply the “120 degree rule” regardless of water or air temperature. That means you calculate the water temperature and air temperature together, and if it is less than 120 degrees, you should most likely be wearing a version of a dry suit in case the worst happens. Level Six, Immersion Research, and NRS all make versions depending on your budget.

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