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Trip Report: Riverfront Park, Clackamas Oregon - Next Adventure

Trip Report: Riverfront Park, Clackamas Oregon

When: 11/01/2018 Location: Riverfront Park Conditions: Perfect fall day! Duration: 2.5 hours Difficulty: Easy Kid Friendly: YES! Pet Friendly: YES! Riverfront Park The Full Report: This weekend was full of errands and at one point I realized that I really needed some fresh air and a bit of nature to get me through the rest of the day. I looked up "park near me" on my phone and I found Clackamas Riverfront Park. I was only 10 minutes from where I live in East Portland, so I decided to give it a try. For me, being by the river is always an extra point for a park. There is something about being near calm water that gives me peace of mind. I had to drive past a couple of warehouses to get there but once I was at the park, I was well pleased. Riverfront Park Riverfront Park I found a large grassy area where one could play football, frisbee, or other field games. Then I walked to the water’s edge and found it littered with beautifully rounded rocks all along the bank. I skipped a few stones then continued to follow the river upstream. I was pleased to find there were some nice hiking trails through the trees with their colorful falling leaves. It led me to another open area next to the river which would have been great for a picnic. I hung out a while and soaked it all in. The blue water, the amber leaves, the golden sunshine. This was the pause I needed. Riverfront Park Riverfront Park I would highly recommend this park if you need a quick nature fix to get you out of the busy day to day life. Great for kids and great for pets. Might even be a great spot for a swim or float in the summer. Riverfront Park
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