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Trip Report: Skiing at Mt. Bachelor - Next Adventure

Trip Report: Skiing at Mt. Bachelor

When: 12/10/2018 Location: Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort Conditions: Mixed rain and snow throughout the day. Duration: 7 Hours Difficulty: All ranges Kid Friendly: Yes Pet Friendly: No Usefull links: | Mt. Bachelor Ski ResortMt. Bachelor Ski Resort The Full Report: A couple of weeks ago myself and several friends decided to make a quick trip from Portland down to Mt. Bachelor near Bend to do some skiing and snowboarding. Mt. Bachelor is known to have the best powder in Oregon. It is also known for the endless backcountry options it has to offer as well as over 100 trails they have open. The weather was just getting cold enough and the precipitation was falling everywhere. Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort We drove down on a Wednesday night after work, crashed at a friend’s house, and woke up ready to shred! When we got to the resort, we realized that others with pimped out vans had chosen the lot for their night’s sleep which is a good thing to know in the future. (I do believe you need to let the resort know you’re doing that though). Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort When we got to the top of the lift, I was stoked to see all the trees and cool terrain this mountain had to offer. We found some awesome steep open slopes to bomb down, as well as cool little trails through the trees. The early season is actually a great time to go (if it’s cold enough) because a lot of the terrain has not been fully covered up, so you can use the logs and other dip and dives in the terrain as jumps and kickers for cool tricks. We found some epic fallen tree branches that turned into some awesome rails to slide on. Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort We stopped in the lodge for lunch and enjoyed some of the best lodge hot cocoa I have ever had. They also have a full selection of craft beer and hot food. After lunch, we met up with a local who showed us down some more steep runs that had us grinning from ear to ear. We followed like ducks in a row winding through the trees. And each person had a slight variation to their line. It really felt more like a fun wilderness experience rather than a day at the resort. Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort All in all, Mt. Bachelor is worth the drive if you've been on the same runs on Mt. Hood over and over again. It has some awesome terrain and from January onwards has the best powder in the state! Go get some! Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort
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