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Video Gear Review: The Cascade Snowshoe from Adventure Research - Next Adventure

Video Gear Review: The Cascade Snowshoe from Adventure Research

We're here today at Sandy Next Adventure in the rental department to go over one of our favorite snowshoes, the Adventure Research Cascade Snowshoe. This is the primary snowshoe that we utilize here in our rental department for daily use.
It’s durable, affordable, and universal in function. The Cascade Snowshoe will take you anywhere, from the parking lot to a deep snow trek up your favorite mountain. The ABS deck frame is lightweight and provides plenty of float while the underside sports forged steel crampons for consistent traction. The integrated heel riser saves your calves while climbing in steeper terrain and a snowboard like ratchet system keeps your feet firmly secured. The Adventure Research Cascade Snowshoes come in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of users and are suited for whatever type of snowshoeing you want to do. Each pair comes with its own storage bag with carrying handle and pack straps. You get the best features of the big-name brands, without the big-name price tag. These snowshoes are available at our Sandy and our Portland locations as well as online. A really good all-around snowshoe at a great price!
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