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Video: Top tips for trading in your used gear at Next Adventure! - Next Adventure

Video: Top tips for trading in your used gear at Next Adventure!

Next Adventure started as a used outdoor gear store and our Bargain Basement is still a popular destination for budget shoppers and vintage hunters. Here at our Trading Post, we can offer you store credit for your quality used outdoor equipment. You can also trade used gear at our Paddle Sports Center and our Sandy location as well.
We never offer cash, but this trading system is a good way to clean out your closet and help our environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Our Trading Post is open during our regular hours. It’s a quick process. We’ll take a look at what you bring in and make you an offer based on the condition, age, and demand of each item, and then the credit is yours to spend immediately or as long as you have it. It never expires and is good for pretty much anything in the store. Anyone trading gear will need a state-issued ID and be at least 18 years of age. We have three simple buying criteria – Clean, Functional, and Brand Names. Here are some tips for trading in your used gear.


We accept outdoor footwear year-round. This includes trail runners, hiking shoes, hiking boots, mountaineering boots, and sandals. We’ll also take a look at some casual footwear from outdoor brands. Shoes must be clean and complete with insoles and laces for us to accept them.

Camping Gear

Camping gear will be looked at during spring through fall. We look for tents, backpacks and general camping gear like stoves, lanterns, and sleeping bags. Sleeping pads will be taken without holes or leaks. Tents must be clean, functional, and typically a backpackable size. All zippers must be in working condition and we may ask you to set up your tent in the store.


We buy apparel for whatever the current season is. We focus on technical garments. All apparel must be clean and fully functional. This means no holes, rips, tears, or other flaws with the clothes. Carhart’s and workwear is encouraged, common brands like Old Navy and Gap will not be accepted. Please feel free to bring us vintage, unique, or fun apparel for us to consider. We enjoy looking at these items but may not be able to take them due to our space on hand.

Paddling Gear

Paddling gear, such as paddles, drytops, wetsuits, and drybags must be clean, fully functional, and free of holes. We will take most sizes and shapes of kayaks. All watercraft must be fully functional and hole free. All boat trades should be taken to the Paddle Sports Center, but the store credit can be used at any location.

Skis and Snowboards

Year round we will look at good skis and boards, but our main buying season is from the fall to the spring. No rear entry ski boots and all downhill skis must be shaped. No straight skis. Cross country skis must have a currently manufactured binding system like Triple N or Triple NBC. Three pin bindings are sometimes OK. Downhill skis must have current manufactured indemnified bindings. Both skis and board must be in relatively good condition and free of major damage. No snowboard step-in bindings or boots. For all ski and snowboard trades, you will need to be at least 18 years old with a valid state issued ID.


We buy climbing shoes with good soles and without holes. We also take chalk bags, crash pads, ice axes, and other non-safety rated equipment. No harnesses, ropes, or other safety rated equipment will be accepted.

Disc Golf

Most disc golf gear is accepted year-round with the exception of really warped or damaged discs.


We accept skateboards, longboards, and parts associated.

Bike Gear

We are happy to take bike apparel and shoes. Bike shoes must have a current interface. We do not take used bikes, helmets, or bike components. We are really looking for rainwear and windproof jackets. If you have any questions give us a call or simply come down to the Bargain Basement and talk to one of our experienced buyers.
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