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Alpine Ski Size Chart

Alpine Ski Size Chart

Are you looking to pick up a new pair of skis, but you're not sure what size makes the most sense for you? Then you're in the right place! Here is a quick guide to help you get started on finding your perfect skis.

All of the factors that go into finding the perfect ski size are very individual, so there's a bit more effort involved than just finding a magic number on a chart. The main things to consider when finding the right size for your skis are your height, weight, ability level, the terrain you'll be on most and personal preference. 

In general, most skis will fall somewhere between your chin and the top of your head, with more novice skiers tending towards the shorter end of the scale and more experienced skiers going longer. You can use the chart below as a guide for finding the best size range based on your height:


Skier Height (in)  Height (cm) Suggested Ski Length (cm)
 4'4"  132 115-130   
 4'6" 137  125-140 
 4'8" 142  130-145 
4'10" 147 135-150
5' 152 135-155
5'2" 158 145-165
5'4" 163 150-170
5'6" 168 155-175
5'8" 173 160-185
5'10" 178 165-185
6' 183 170-190
6'2" 188 175-195
6'4" 193 180-200


Now that you have your suggested size range you can narrow down whether the shorter or longer end of that range makes the most sense for you.

Shorter skis will be easier to make turns in and more forgiving if you make any mistakes, but they're less stable underfoot so aren't as well suited for high-speed runs. Longer skis are more stable but have a wider turn radius that makes them less well suited for carving. 

The construction of the skis themselves also plays a role in what size is most appropriate. Narrower carving skis that have a short turn radius and/or a full camber can be skied at a shorter length than a wider freeride or all-mountain ski with a wide turn radius. Rockered skis have a shorter effective edge than comparable cambered skis which makes them easier to pivot and steer, but they should be sized up to keep them stable.


Reasons to Pick a Shorter Ski, Closer to Your Chin:

  • You are either a beginner or intermediate level skier
  • You weigh less than average for your height range
  • Your preferred skiing style is making short and/or quick turns, and you rarely go fast
  • You're looking for a carving ski with all camber, no rocker

Reasons to Pick a Longer Ski, Closer to the Top of Your Head:

  • You are either an advanced or expert level skier
  • You weigh more than average for your height range
  • Your preferred skiing style is aggressive and fast, and you like making wider turns
  • You want to do most of your skiing off-piste
  • You're looking for a ski that has a lot of rocker, or you plan to use a twin-tip ski

These general tips can help give you an idea of a size that makes sense, but keep in mind there's wiggle room for what your personal preferences are. If you're still having trouble deciding what size makes sense for you, we can help! Give us a call or make a reservation to come into our shop and have one of our ski department specialists help you find your next perfect skis.


What about Youth Skis?

Picking the right size ski for your kiddo helps them progress their skills faster and have the most fun while they're shredding it up on the mountain!

For kids, height and weight are the important factors for finding the right size, and the general rule of thumb is that the skis should come up between their chest and their nose. Find your child's measurements, and then use the chart below to find their suggested size range.

  • 1. Measure your child's height and weight
  • 2. Find their height on the chart below, and follow the row to the Suggested Ski Length column to find their suggested size range
  • 3. If their height falls between the heights listed below, find their weight 
    • If their weight is light for their height, use the shorter size recommendation
    • If their weight is heavy for their height, use the longer size recommendation


Age Skier Height (in)  Skier Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Suggested Ski Length (cm)
3 37 94 34 14 70 - 80
4 40 102 37 16 80 - 90
5 43 109 42 18 90 - 100
6 45 114 46 21 95 - 105
7 47 119 50 23 100 - 110
8 50 127 57 26 110 - 120
9 53 135 63 29 115 - 125
10 55 140 70 32 120 - 130
11 57 145 79 36 130 - 140
12 59 159 89 41 135 - 145
13 61 156 100 46 140 - 150
14 65 164 112 51 150 - 160

*Height and Weight are based on 50th percentile for children based on age listed on left of chart


Reasons to Pick a Shorter Ski, Closer to Child's Chest:

  • They weigh less than average for their height
  • They are a beginner or cautious skier
  • They like to make quick, short turns and they seldom ski fast

Reasons to Pick a Longer Ski, Closer to Child's Nose:

  • They weigh more than average for their height
  • They're skiing fast and aggressive
  • You're looking at a ski with early rise or powder rocker
  • You want to purchase a ski with "room to grow." Kids grow fast, and there is gear that is meant to accommodate that, but try not to go longer than the recommended size for their height and weight range

Again, if you have any questions or need more help to find the perfect size, give us a call or make a reservation to meet with one of our ski specialists!

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