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by Head
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Original price $325.00
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Color: BLACK
Size: M
SKU 508672

This binding was developed together with Head's team riders to check all boxes on their high demands. The highback features the Flexmaster 3000 flex adjuster: stiff for direct response and power transmission, soft for a smooth and surfy feel. Easy adjustment in seconds and without any tools. It's Auto Open Total straps, which automatically fold out when unstrapped, make it super comfortable to enter and exit the binding. An additional EVA pad on the base supports the natural flex of the board and works as a dampening element at the same time. A fully covered base pad with silicon inlays assures additional grip.


  • DAMPIFLEX: Dampiflex improves power transmission and absorbs shocks. In doing so, it allows for a more natural flex pattern in a board and a more responsive and comfortable ride.
  • FULL COVERED EVA BASEPADS: The Full Covered EVA Base provides great hold and dampening across the entire binding. The result is a smooth, confident
    and slip-free ride.
  • GLASS REINFORCED BASE 35%: The Glass Reinforced Base 35% delivers added stiffness and power transmission. It is the ideal all-terrain construction.
  • GRIP TECH TOE STRAP: The Grip Tech Toe Strap folds around the toe and locks the foot securely into the binding. It has a lightweight cup-like construction for perfect boot hold.
  • POWER HIGHBACK: Full control is guaranteed with this new highback development. The shape of the highback follows directly the back of your boots, in order to guarantee full control and power transmission. The tool-free forward lean adjuster can be adjusted on the go, to adapt yourself to any terrain and style.
  • SILICONE DAMPENING: Silicone Dampening provides a complete-cover base pad for great hold and dampening. This creates a comfortable and confident ride and can even help one-footers by reducing slip.
  • ADJUSTABLE TOE RAMPS: The Adjustable Toe Ramp can be customized to fit any boot with a single screw and channel.
  • COMFORMANCE STRAP: Comfort meets performance. This new strap adapts to your boot like a second skin, without applying any pressure. Power is evenly distributed, so you are in control in any condition. The slim profile of this strap doesn’t look bulky on the foot and the binding’s ladder straps ratchet into a housing to avoid snagging.
  • AUTO OPEN TOTAL: The Auto-Open Total system allows easy entry without the hassle of kicking open or treading on straps. Both the toe and ankle straps automatically fold out from the baseplate for easy access in all conditions.
  • FLEXMASTER 3000: A new snowboard binding innovation! The flex of the highback can be adjusted without using any tools, by simply adjusting the slider on the back of the binding. Full power and performance when hammering down the slopes, surfy feeling when floating through the backcountry.

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