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We offer the best price for rental skis, rental snowboards, and rental snowshoes in Portland. We have the best SUP or stand-up paddle board rentals and kayak rentals in Portland, complete with all the gear you'll need to make your day out on the lake as enjoyable as possible. Select an icon below for rates.

**Our kayak, canoe, and stand-up paddle board rentals need to be reserved ahead of time, especially during our busy season from May thru September. If in doubt please call the location you wish to rent from to check availability.** 

What equipment do you need?

  Ski Rentals – Adult
Package (Skis, Boots, Poles) $30 $15
Premium Package $40 $20
Boot Only (must Adjust and Test for $10) $10 $5
Ski Only (must inspect boot) $25 $20
Poles Only $5 $5


  Ski Rentals – Junior (up to 130 cm)
Package (Skis, Boots, Poles) $20 $10
Boots Only $10 $5
Skis Only $15 $10
Poles Only $5 $5


  Snowboard Rentals - Adult
Package (Board, Boots, Binding) $30 $15
Premium Package $40 $20
Boots Only $10 $5
Board Only $20 $10
Bindings Only $10 $5


  Snowboard Rentals -Junior (up to 130 cm)
Package (Board, Boots, Binding) $20 $10
Boots Only $10 $5
Board Only $15 $10
Bindings Only $10 $5


  Cross Country Rentals
Cross Country Package $20 $10
Cross Country Ski Only $10 $5
Cross Country Boot Only $10 $5


  Demos (3 days maximum rental)
Options: Skis, Snowboard, Splitboard, ATPrice
Package $50*
Board or Skis Only $40*



  Season Lease Packages (Limited Availability)

Our season rental program is a great option for growing kids, families, those who are just getting into skiing and snowboarding, and for experienced skiers who may want to rent a powder or carving specific ski to round out their quiver. We offer recreational and premium options, for a reasonable price with lots of extra benefits!

All season rental packages come with free tuning and waxing, and the ability to trade out sizes as needed throughout the season.

Please click on the link here to get your season rental pre-booked now! They always sell out fast and reserving ahead of time is the best option to guarantee your equipment for the coming winter season.

Reserve Now

Little One Package (under 100cm) $130
Kids Package $150
Adult Package $200
Adult Ski/Board Only $180
Premium Ski Package $250
Premium Ski Only $200
Junior Premium Ski Package $180



You must be 18 or older, or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, to rent equipment. A valid ID and credit card are required for all rentals.

All snow gear can be picked up after 2:00 pm the day before your rental and can be returned as late as 2:00 pm the day after your rental for the 1-day rate.

* Kids & youth snow gear rental prices are valid for skis & snowboards up to 130cm in length

** Up to two demo fees can be deducted from the purchase price of a new pair of skis or snowboard (must be demoed in the current season)

***Ski/board packages include: skis or board, binding, boots, poles (optional with skis)


Mountaineering Rentals
(ice tool, helmet, full shank boots, technical crampon, add 2nd ice tool for $5)
Boots $15 $5
Bear Can $5 $5
Crampons - must bring boot $8 $5
Ice Axe $8 $5
Helmet $8 $5
Poles (pair) $8 $4
Snow Boots $8 $5
Snowshoes $15 $5
Snow Shovel $8 $4
Beacon $15 $8
Probe $8 $5
Beacon, Snow Shovel & Probe $20 $10
Mountaineering Package (ice axe, full shank or 3/4 shank boot, mountaineering crampon or microspikes, add helmet/poles for $5 or swap ice axe for trekking poles) $25 $15


Technical Alpine Rentals
Ice Tools (Price Per Tool) $12 $30
BD Cyborg Crampon (Mixed & Ice Climbing Only!) $8 $15
Alpine Package (ice tool, helmet, full shank boots, technical crampon, add 2nd ice tool for $5) $35 $20


Climbing rentals
Shoes $8 $5
Crash Pad $20 $10


Next Adventure is the best value for renting snowshoes and mountaineering gear in Portland, Oregon. Don’t let wintery conditions keep you off the trail! Many of the NW’s amazing trails only get better when the snow falls, but you’ll need the right equipment to experience it. Strap on a pair of rental snowshoes, grab a pair of rental poles, bundle up, and enjoy the beauty and solace of a snowy Cascade hike. If you don’t think you have quite enough experience to set out on your own, check out our Outdoor School program for guided trips.

If you’re out for a more serious adventure, like a summit attempt up Mt. Hood’s south side, you’re going to need more serious gear. We can outfit you with the basic safety equipment like rental crampons, rental ice axes and a climbing helmet at a fraction of the cost to buy. Of course, it will still be up to you to make sure that you or your guide has the necessary equipment and knowledge to safely get you where you’re going.

-Scappoose Bay Paddling Center-

57420 Old Portland Rd.
Warren, OR 97053

**On-site and Off-site rentals available - must have ability to transport equipment for off-site usage**
Please call ahead for reservations
  Kayak, Canoe, & SUP Rentals
Includes: PFD w/ whistle, paddle & invasive species permit.
Performance Kayak $20 $18
Recreational Kayak $16 $14
Single Pedal Drive Kayak $25 $23
  Paddling Gear Rentals
Paddle  $10
PFD  $10


-Portland Paddle Sports Center-

624 SE 7th Ave.

**Must have ability to transport equipment**
Please call with any questions
  Flatwater Kayak Rentals
Includes: PFD w/ whistle, paddle & invasive species permit.
Recreational Kayak $45/DAY $22.5/DAY
Inflatable Kayak $50/DAY $25/DAY
Tandem Inflatable Kayak $60/DAY $30/DAY
Tandem $60/DAY $30/DAY
Canoe $60/DAY $30/DAY
Plastic Sea Kayak $75/DAY $37.5/DAY
Thermoform Kayak $75/DAY $37.5/DAY
Fiberglass Sea Kayak $100/DAY $50/DAY
Pedal Drive Kayak $100/DAY $50/DAY
  Whitewater Kayak Rentals
Includes: PFD w/ whistle, paddle & invasive species permit.
Kayak only $40/DAY $20/DAY
Kayak + Gear $65/DAY $32.5/DAY
  Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Rentals
Includes: PFD w/ whistle, paddle & invasive species permit.
Hard Shell $45/DAY $22.5/DAY
Inflatable $50/DAY $25/DAY
  Paddling Gear Rentals
Drysuit $60/DAY $30/DAY
Premium Paddle $15/DAY $7.5/DAY
Wetsuit (Farmer John/Jane) $15/DAY $7.5/DAY
Paddle $8/DAY $4/DAY
Sprayskirt $8/DAY $4/DAY
Helmet $8/DAY $4/DAY
Neoprene Booties $8/DAY $4/DAY
Bilge Pump $8/DAY $4/DAY
Paddle Float $8/DAY $4/DAY


-Sandy Next Adventure-

38454 Pioneer Blvd
Sandy, OR 97055

Please call with any questions
  Inflatable Kayak, Inflatable SUP, & River Tube Rentals  
Includes: PFD w/ whistle, paddle & invasive species permit.
Inflatable SUP Package (SUP, Paddle, PFD, Pump) $50
Inflatable Kayak Package (Kayak, Paddle, PFD, Pump) $50
Inflatable Tandem Kayak Package (Kayak, Paddle's, PFD's, Pump) $60
  Paddling Gear Rentals
River Tube $15
PFD $10
Helmet $10
Paddle $10
Pump $10
NOTE: All rentals require a deposit. Deposits are the retail value of the boat or gear. 
Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice to cancel a rental reservation for full refund. Cancellations occurring after the 24 hr window has closed will receive a 50% refund. If you do not show up to pick up your reservation, the cost of the rental is forfeited.